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**please only purchase this if you have an accurate birth time. We can not accommodate folks with birth time estimates.

Astro Tattoo Long Distance Relationship is the same concept as our Astro Tattoo session. However, your astrology reading and artwork will be delivered by mail, straight to your door! This project came into fruition early 2017 with my partner Dru Ish.

You will receive a personalised astrological reading written by Dru Ish and a unique intuitive drawing, that is based on your chart reading, by Jessika Fancy.

The art work will be hand drawn on heavy weight art paper (8.5" x 11"), accompanied by a description written by Jessika.  While the drawing will be symbolic it will not resemble the tattoo's produced in the Astro Tattoo sessions. For an example of Jessika's art and style, please view her on Instagram under: @jfancydesigns

Your astrological reading will be a detailed analysis based on your birth chart, current transits, progressions, planetary periods and/ or cycles.  You can read about Dru Ish and her work druish.com

We understand that the use of the word “tattoo” in the title of this project can be misleading for some, however this offering is not a pass to get the image tattoo’d by another artist. The use of the word tattoo comes from our original, ongoing Astro Tattoo project. If you would like your LDR image tattoo’d, please contact Jessika directly to co-ordinate a time.

This is a unique way to participate for those who are far away, for those who don't want or can't have a tattoo, and for those who want an alternate physical reminder of their personal story . It can be framed, put on an altar or given as a beautiful gift. Please note that the words and art you receive are copyrighted and may not be reproduced in any capacity.

You will receive a shipping notification when your Astro Tattoo LDR is on the way. Please allow up to 2.5 weeks from confirmation to delivery. Read the reviews for our Astro Tattoo Sessions at: druish.com/astrotattoosessions

Refund and Cancellation policy must be read and agreed to before purchase:

You will receive a form to complete within 24hrs of your purchase.

Thanks for your ongoing support of our work. xoxo

© Jessika Fancy And Dru Ish

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