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to people ordering from the US! please note that while prices have gone up to reflect the currency change, the exchange rate makes is equal/cheaper for you to order. Packages are shipped airmail with NO insurance or tracking. If you'd like tracking for your shipment and live outside of Canada please order through jessikafancy.etsy.com

**please note that the new book covers are now pearlescent turquoise and gold**

An oracle deck can be used much like a tarot deck as a source of guidance and inspiration when life presents us with its many challenges. It is meant to be an intuitive tool for anyone that chooses to use it, as there is no right or wrong way to do so.

The deck features 40 watercolor paintings of various crystals and minerals from my personal collection. It also includes a detailed book with helpful, heartfelt descriptions regarding the crystal itself, its purpose for showing up in your reading, zodiac pairing and some helpful suggestions. The booklet covers come in pearlescent light pink
Or pearlescent lavender. The deck and booklet comes in a beautiful hand-dyed pouch for safekeeping. All pouches are different and one of a kind.

Whether you are a beginner, expert or just plain think crystals are beautiful; this deck is a powerful tool for deepening your relationship with yourself and the world around you.

My connection with crystals started at a young age thanks to the wisdom of my mother. They continuously fascinate, help, heal and support parts of myself that I cannot often explain. After a lot of searching for a crystal oracle deck that spoke to me, I was left feeling disappointed with my searches and finally decided to embark on the journey of creating my own.
the project took me two years to complete and I'm so excited I can finally share it with all of you!

Thank you in advance for your support it truly means the world to me! The decks are Self published and printed locally.

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